Marina Slip Sales

Own a piece of Mabel Lake with the purchase of a boat slip at the world class MABEL LAKE MARINA.

Resale Slips @MABEL LAKE MARINA 2022

2022 update for all current owners of Mabel Lake Marina Slips, and important information for potential buyers.

Mabel Lake Holiday Centre Ltd.’s objective has always been to retain 80 slips out of the 260 slips on the Marina for the resort rental use. It has accomplished this.

We are now sold out and only looking after some resales, please see below for current listing and most recent “Sold” pricing:

28 Foot Slips Sorry Sold  any recent resales were at $65,000.00. (2022)
Sorry Sold We have one available resale on a direct in 31 foot slip selling for $69000.00 (2021)
26 Foot Slips Sorry Sold any recent sale was  at $54900.00 (2021)                                 

We have one available resale on a 26 foot slip selling for $65000.00

24 Foot Slips: Sorry Sold any recent resales were at $44,900.00 (2021)

We have one available resale on a 24 foot slip selling for $48000.00

22 Foot Slips: Sorry Sold any recent resales were at$39,900.00 (2021)
35 Foot Slips Sorry Sold any recent resales were at $69,000.00 (2021)

If you are an owner of a slip and would like us to sell it for you, then please call and we will sell it for a flat rate of $4,500.00. (including the Assignment fee)

If you are an owner of a 26 or 28 foot slip and would like to enter it into a rental pool please advise us as that should be possible now.

We are pleased to let you know that the maintenance fees that were forecasted to be around $3 – $400.00 per slip/per year, have so far been around $200 per slip/per year. 

If you see a resale appear and wanting in, grab it before its gone.

Click here for a PDF Map of Marina and Slips

 Travers Rebman 250-838-6234 or 250-640-1035 C