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Important Notes:

Final Availability is determined by a Staff Member. Even though a date appears to be “Available” when you request it, we may be full. Please book your reservation as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Please take the time to read over these FAQ before reserving online. You may find them helpful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to request a specific site number or a site next to a friend or family member who has already reserved? How do I indicate that on my online request?

A. Before submitting your reservation, you will have a chance to put in a special request or comment. The “Additional Comments/Questions” box can be found on Step 4 right before you submit your request. You can enter a request such as: “We would like to get a site next to John Smith” or “We would like to request site #37, so we can be near the playground”, or any other special instructions. A Staff Member will read any comments you put in this box and place you accordingly. You may also leave it blank if you have no requests.

Q. I would like to request a specific campsite and a Stay ‘n Play Package for my visit to Mabel Lake Resort. How do I include these details in my booking?

A. To book a specific campsite number, a Stay ‘n Play Package, or an advertised Special, please enter the details of your request in the “comment” section of the on-line booking form.

Q. Why can’t I select a site number while reserving? How do I find out what site number I will get?

A. You are welcome to request a specific site while reserving, and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes (please refer to first question and answer). However, management at Mabel Lake Resort reserves the right to assign and/or re-assign guests to such accommodation as management sees fit.

Q. Why is it asking for a “Vehicle Type” when we are camping in a tent?

A. If you click the drop down box, you will see there is a place to select “Tent”. It will also ask you to put in a “Length (Feet)”. Length is required for any RV unit, but it does not apply to a tent. These questions are only to ensure the site that we assign you can accommodate your unit.

Q. How much is my credit card going to be charged when I submit my reservation request?

A. Credit cards are processed after the reservation request is accepted by a Staff Member. Once your reservation is accepted, a Staff Member will process your card for a 50% deposit of the total cost, including taxes.

Q. I need to reserve multiple campsites for my group. Can I do it online?

A. Yes, it is possible, but each site you reserve has to be entered individually. In the “Additional Comments” box, be sure to let us know who you are with. If you need to reserve more than 3 campsites at once, it may be easier (but not required) to call us at 250-838-6234, Extension #1.

Q. How do I know if my online request went through?

A. If your online request went through you will receive an email saying “your booking request has been submitted.” Once your request as been approved you will receive another email stating it is confirmed. We will confirm your reservation as soon as possible (depending on our office hours).

Q. The online reservation system lets me submit a stay that does not meet the minimum night stay, so why was my reservation request declined?

A. Unfortunately, at this time our online system does not have the capabilities to recognize a stay that does not meet the minimum night stay. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please be sure your stay meets the minimum night stay before submitting your request in order to avoid a declined request. Click here to check the minimum night stay policy, or call us at 250-838-6234, Extension #1.

Q. Are pets allowed at Mabel Lake Resort?

A. Pets are welcome in campground sites, but are NOT permitted in any of our Beach Cabins, Houses, Condos or RV rental units. This ruling is due to allergic reactions and medical issues suffered by some of our guests. Anyone choosing to not respect this rule will be asked to leave immediately, without a refund. All pets staying in campground sites must be well-behaved and on a leash at all times. Owners are expected to clean up after their pets. Pets are NOT allowed in the beach area.

Q. Are campfires permitted at the Resort?

A. Campfires are permitted in the fire-rings provided at each site (except when high forest fire danger results in a fire-ban). Please use caution at all times.

Q. Are Motorbikes or ATV’s allowed in the resort area?

A. No they are not. However there are many areas around the resort where these vehicles may be enjoyed. We will tell you where these areas are when you arrive.

Q. Are there any noise restrictions at the Resort?

A. Quiet time is from 11 PM until 7 AM. This rule is strictly enforced.

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