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farewell message & welcome to the new owners of Mabel lake resort & marina


The Laursen Family thank you for being here, and are grateful for the privilege of operating Mabel Lake Resort & Marina, serving our Guests and Happy Campers for the past fifty years. While this is a time of celebration, it is also a time of letting go, as we choose to retire, and pass the baton on to a younger family, who will carry on the Mabel Lake Resort & Marina tradition of running a Family Vacation Centre. From what we have seen of Ben Hoy and his family, we believe he will do just that.


Hello to all the of the wonderful guests and friends of Mabel Lake Resort and Marina! On behalf of my family, I am excited to announce that we have now successfully completed the purchase of Mabel Lake Resort & Marina from long time owners Terry and Sharon. Terry and Sharon have built an amazing place, always full of great people getting the best out of summer vacation in our beautiful province. All of you can fully expect the operations and the experience at the resort to be generally the same as we move forward into the 2022 season. It has been a real pleasure to get to know Terry and Sharon in the past few months and I wish them the very best in the next chapter of their journey! Have a great winter season, make sure you make your reservations, and we look forward to seeing you in 2022!
Sincerely, Ben Hoy


We, Terry and Sharon would like to thank our brother and business partner Ken Laursen, as well as our numerous Teams over the years, for helping us create a beautiful legacy that will long be remembered. Some people of particular note are Lane & Bonnie, Paul & Lisa, Wayne & Lonnie, Lynn & Jeannette, Denis, Jill and of course Eleanor.  Thank You!

The resort has progressed from its humble beginnings in 1925, to one of the best tourist destination resorts today. With it’s 100th birthday just around the corner we are glad, proud, and excited to watch Ben’s family carry on with this tradition, looking forward to what the future brings. We wish them the same fortune of happiness, friendships, gratitude and well-being that this place offers.

Let us all continue remembering “Mabel” as we know her, calm, clean, and beautiful. She has always served us well. Let us “all” treat her with the dignity she deserves for the balance of our lives, hoping future generations will do the same.

To all of our wonderful guests, family and friends, from over the past 50 years, Thank You For Being Here!

Terry & Sharon


Covid-19 Policies at Mabel Lake Resort and Marina – UPDATED July 2021

Covid-19 policies will be based on the current recommendations of the BC Government and Health Authority. Masks are required for all indoor public spaces for people 12 years and older. Please check with the BC Government Covid-19 Interior Health policies, and manage your risk accordingly. Be responsible, Be Safe, and Be kind.


To limit the spread of COVID-19, the Provincial Health Officer has issued Orders that impact the hospitality industry. These Orders outline conditions and provide specific direction regarding the services provided at Mabel Lake Resort & Marina. Below we  will outline new measures put into place, which will be revised as needed based on provincial and district direction. Please note: Masks are now mandatory in the store. Please bring sufficient masks for your use when entering the store or other enclosed areas.

This document is fluid and will be updated as required by Health Authorities. 


As this is a quickly evolving situation, we will continue to update you with Resort Policies, based on direction from government and public health authorities, as well as environmental considerations.

While we work through the details, please know that we are committed to treating our customers fairly and respectfully, and to make sure our employees and guests are protected as much as possible during this uncertain and difficult time. 


At all times employees must maintain a physical distance of two metres from others including guests, other employees and dogs.

People who are contacts of a confirmed COVID-19 case, meaning they have been or could have been exposed to the virus, but do not have symptoms, are required to self-isolate. Self-isolation means staying home and avoiding situations where you could come in contact with others. 

Mabel Lake Resort & Marina Policies and Procedures.

The office/store will be staffed on a time schedule posted on store door daily. The Aisle One Register Counter now has a plexiglass shield in place. Only four guests at a time are allowed in the office/store at a time. All persons in the Store must wear masks. Please bring sufficient number of masks with you for use during your stay.

Additional signage regarding social distancing etc. will be posted throughout the property in multiple key locations to maximize visibility for guests and visitors.

A Guest COVID-19 Code of Conduct (below) will be posted and guests are asked to adhere to it while in our community and on our property. Keeping in mind we cannot police all guests; we must do our best to remain kind and supportive if we do need to remind guests of appropriate conduct during this time.

COVID-19 guest code of conduct

You and your party agree to obey this Code of Conduct while at Mabel Lake Resort & Marina.

GROUPS: Each group in an RV site, Condo or Cabin must be from a ‘Core Group’. Additionally, each core group must maintain social distancing from other core groups. No gatherings of more than ten people in a site at any time.

CORE GROUP: Core Groups are defined as those people that live in the same residence, or a core group of two people you see regularly.

MASKS: As outlined in the EPA mask mandate order, masks are required for everyone in many public indoor settings. Please ensure you bring a sufficient number of masks for all members of your group to be worn in the Resort store and all other indoor facilities while at the Resort.

HAND WASHING: Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in warm water and soap every time you enter and exit your unit.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: You and your party must always maintain 2 metres of separation from anyone else at Mabel Lake Resort & Marina, while on the beaches and while in the community.

PARENTAL SUPERVISION OF CHILDREN: Parents must ensure that their children maintain social distancing from other children/people from other parties during your stay.

VISITORS: No unregistered visitors are allowed overnight in any units on property at Mabel Lake Resort & Marina. Each group in an RV site, Condo or Cabin should be from one core group unit.

BE KIND AND SUPPORTIVE: Be kind and supportive, follow the Public Health Officer’s restrictions, and remember we are all in this together!


  • Rates are based on occupancy of 2 adults + their children under 18 years of age, or a maximum of 4 adults.
  • Check-in is from 3 PM to 6 PM.
  • Check-out is prior to 11 AM on the date of departure.
  • Bedding and pillows are NOT provided.
  • ALL CABIN BEDS ARE NOW QUEEN SIZE with new mattresses & boxsprings.
  • ***Accommodations will be cleaned prior to arrival, however guests are reminded to please bring any additional disposable wipes or antibacterial products with them for personal use. Please note Disposable Wipes must  NOT be flushed in the toilets. ***
  • These accommodations are Non-Smoking, Non-Vaping units.
  • Sorry — absolutely No Pets allowed in our cabins or houses.


  • Rates are based on occupancy of 2 adults and their children under 18 years of age, with one self contained RV unit and one vehicle per site.
  • Tents, Tent trailers, and Campers that are not self contained will not be allowed until further notice.
  • Check-in is from 1 PM to 6 PM.
  • Check-out is prior to 11 AM on the date of departure.
  • ***Campsites will be cleaned prior to arrival, however guests are reminded to please bring any additional sterilization products, wipes or antibacterial cleansers with them for personal use.***
  • ***Public washrooms, laundry room and playground may be closed based on Public Health guidelines, please ensure your RV is adequately equipped and self contained. ***
  • Well-behaved pets are allowed in the campground. They must be on a leash at all times and are never allowed on the beach. Owners are expected to clean up after their pets.


  • Rates are based on occupancy of 2 adults and their children under 18 years of age, or a maximum of 4 adults.
  • Check-in is from 2 PM to 6 PM.
  • Check-out is prior to 11 AM on the date of departure.
  • No bedding, pillows or towels provided.
  • ***RV Rental Units will be cleaned prior to arrival, however guests are reminded to please bring any additional sterilization products, wipes or antibacterial cleansers with them for personal use. Disposable Wipes MUST NOT be flushed in the toilets. ***
  • These accommodations are Non-Smoking, Non-Vaping units.
  • Sorry — absolutely No Pets allowed in our RV rental units.

Quiet time from 11 PM to 7 AM is strictly enforced.

Absolutely no fireworks are permitted in the Resort area.

Motorized bikes or ATVs are not permitted on Mabel Lake Resort property.

*** end of covid-19 information ****


3 Day Kayak & SUP Rentals

Planning on a longer stay? Pre-book your watercraft for 3 days. Groupings of Sunday, Monday Tuesday OR Wednesday, Thursday, Friday only. Call Eleanor for details 250-838-6234 ext. 1


We have received lots of calls lately regarding Okanagan Region Flooding. Mabel Lake Resort and Marina recorded above average high water this spring, but we did not experience any damaging flooding.

The Lake water level peaked around June 5, 2017, and as the water continues to recede, we are happy to reassure you that Mabel Lake is NOT flooded, or damaged by high waters.

Mabel Lake Marina June 3, 2017

Click for photos.

The Resort Boat Launch, Marina and Pier are fully accessible and the sandy Mabel Lake Beach is beginning to emerge from the spring thaw waters — freshly soaked, washed and replenished. Ready for your holiday beach and boating enjoyment.

Click on image for a gallery of high water photos.


Important message for our many friends, neighbors, and guests:
Terry and Ken are excited for what the 2017 season has to offer. Due to extensive Estate Planning, Mabel Lake Resort and Mabel Lake Golf and Country Club will now be run under two separate entities.

Terry will own and operate the campground, most beach cabins, store and marina. Ken will own and operate the club house, golf course, airpark and misc. rentals.

Although owned and operated separately, Ken and Terry are committed to the overall success of the resort as a whole and will continue to exceed expectations.

The Laursen families thank you for your continued support, and look forward to opening our 46th season with you at Mabel Lake.

Terry and Ken Laursen

May Long Weekend Updates

Invitation from the AirPark Safety Committee:

“As a very proactive group of people who understand that, in the event of a fire, we will attempt to the best of our efforts to control and contain any fire. That being said, if we thought 2015 was dry, it has been stated that 2016 will be much hotter and dryer.

There will be one fire preparedness meeting at the Airpark Fire Hall at 10:00 on Saturday, May 21, 2016, where we will demonstrate the use of our fire truck, fire pump and fire hoses.

Mabel Lake FirehallWe have decided to add a siren to the Airpark Fire House so that any emergency, i.e.: fire, medical emergencies, etc. — anyone can sound the alarm to alert the community to an event that requires attention. We would encourage you to join us and participate in the use and familiarization of our equipment.”

Mabel Lake Marina Grand Opening

Thank you to all of our friends, neighbors, guests and the media for sharing the opening celebration with us on July 3, 2015. ‘Livin’ The Dream” in the N. Okanagan.

Global News — Mabel Lake welcomes new Marina
Castanet Report — Mega Marina Opens
Vernon Morning Star — New Marina Open on Mabel Lake

Mabel Lake Marina Grand Opening

Mabel Lake Marina June 16, 2015 On Friday July 3, at 12:00 noon, we will be hosting a GRAND OPENING Ribbon Cutting ceremony and public BBQ in celebration of the completion of the concrete, 260 slip Mabel Lake Marina. In 2010, the owners of Mabel Lake Holiday Centre Ltd. were informed their current dock system would no longer be granted a water lease due to new regulations. Five years later, after numerous public hearings, applications, petitions, meetings, drawings, studies and consultations — and 2 years of construction — the multi-million dollar, privately funded project is complete, and open to the public.

Media Press Release: For Immediate Release