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Located 35 kilometers east of Enderby, Mabel Lake is British Columbia's best kept secret.

Mabel Lake is one of the most beautiful and peaceful lakes that Western Canada has to offer. Once you have seen its lush green forested shoreline, sandy beaches and sparkling blue water, you will begin to wonder how this area has remained such a well kept secret. Getting there is Half the Fun.

Mabel Lake is 26 miles long and 2 miles wide with crystal clear water which offers great fishing, waterskiing and swimming. For those who like to hike or ride mountain bikes, the area also offers some wonderful trails to explore. The fishing is great, especially early in the season for rainbow trout and salmon run mid August through mid September. You can also enjoy volleyball, horseshoes, snorkeling or scuba diving..

Mabel Lake has a very moderate climate due to its location in southern British Columbia and its altitude of 1200 ft. above sea level. Almost all of the annual precipitation (20") comes to the valley in the form of snow in the winter which provides for excellent snowmobiling, tobogganing and skiing. The summer months are generally quite warm, beach weather days with comfortable nights..

Fishing at its Best
The Chinook Salmon fishing season normally opens mid July and closes September 12. Licenses are required and you can get them on line, CLICK HERE TO APPLY. Trout fishing is open year round in the lake and is best early on in the season when the water is a little cooler. Downriggers are often used throughout the season to get the lure deep enough to catch the really big ones. Some of the local favorite lures are flat fish, mac squid or wedding rings for Kokanee. All of the above lures are available at the store..

Driving or flying ... we're easy to get to!

Mabel Lake is located east of the city of Enderby which is midway between Vancouver, British Columbia (500 Km) and Calgary, Alberta (500 Km). Enderby is a small city in the North Okanagan, British Columbia between Salmon Arm and Vernon. Highway 97A passes through this friendly city of 3000 people and it is at this junction where the Mabel Lake Road connects with the main highway. After 35 km (22 paved miles) of scenic countryside, Mabel Lake Road comes to its end at the beautiful Mabel Lake Resort & Airpark, Mabel Lake Airstrip and Mabel Lake Golf and Country Club.


Approximately 10 miles east of Enderby VOR at an elevation of 1410 feet. Dial in CBF9 or the following co-ordinates on your aircraft's GPS: N50 36 32 W118 43 52.

The runway is a 2900 foot + grass strip with a sand base with landings on Runway 34 and departures on 16. The Aerodrome Traffic Frequency is 123.2.

Mabel Lake Resort Mabel Lake Resort

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